Book Reviews - 2017, Volume 23, Number 2

  • Editor


1) Demircioglu Göknar, Merve: Achieving Procreation

2) Inhorn, Marcia C.: Cosmopolitan Conceptions

3) Whittaker, Andrea: Thai in Vitro. Gender, Culture and Assisted Reproduction

4) Malkki, Liisa H.: The Need to Help: The Domestic Arts of International Humanitarianism

5) Goldstein, Daniel M.: Owners of the Sidewalk: Security and Survival in the Informal City

6) Crehan, Kate: Gramsci's Common Sense: Inequality and Its Narratives

7) Björkman, Lisa: Pipe politics, contested waters: Embedded Infrastructures of Millennial Mumbai

8) Walasek, Helen, Richard Charlton, Amra Hadžimuhamedović, Valery Perry and Tina Wik: Bosnia and the Destruction of Cultural Heritage