Paleo-economy of North Kazakhstan during the Bronze Age based on the materials of the Shagalaly settlement

  • Sergazy Sakenov
Keywords: ecological situation, geographical area, economic diversification, the mobile community


The purpose of this study is to provide theoretical description of certain habitable problems in the population of Northern Kazakhstan in the Bronze Age. The theoretical conclusions regarding the economy are based on archaeological sources, at the entrance to the Shagalaly II excavation settlement. The author provides a preliminary reconstruction of the life-supporting systems of the ancient population, which rendered the territory of the Shagalaly river valley habitable. The question of a chronology of the building of Shagalaly II settlement horizons remains; for each chronological period, the author proposes the concept of ‘mobile communities’, which, in turn, is divided into categories. A significant part of the work was the diversification of the economy, a change that was oriented to the ecological situation of the region.