The relationship of somatotype with the consumption of selected cereal and dairy products

  • Małgorzata Drywień
  • Joanna Frąckiewicz
  • Magdalena Górnicka
  • Marta Kowalczyk
  • Aneta Umecka
  • Stanisław Kulik
Keywords: women, somatotype, cereal products, dairy products


The relationship between nutrition and the parameters of the human body have become an area of interest for scientists, nutritionists, and dieticians. The aim of the study was to investigate the relationship of somatotype (body type) with the consumption of selected cereal and milk products. The research was carried out in 2015. The study involved 75 women of different backgrounds. Among them were 25 women with ectomorphic physiques,
25 women with mesomorphic ones, and 25 women with endomorphic ones. To assign the women to the appropriate somatotype, the Rohrer index (RI) was used. An equal number of women of each of the three somatotypes was selected. The survey consisted of two sections: the first was concerned with anthropometric and socio-demographic data, as well as the eating habits and health of the subjects, and the second was a frequency of consumption questionnaire, in which the cereal products were divided into 13 groups and the dairy products into 14 groups. In addition, the subjects were asked to complete a table with commonly consumed portions size of each of the food products. There seems to be a relationship between the body physique or somatotype and the qualitative and quantitative consumption of cereal products in women. Body type affects the consumption of milk, yogurt, kefir, buttermilk, cream cheese, smooth cottage cheese, and cream of more than 20% fat. There is a need for further and more detailed studies on the relationship between the somatotype and the consumption of various food groups in order to confirm the obtained results.