The effects of short-term preseason combined training on body composition in elite female volleyball players

  • Toplica Stojanović
  • Đenan Bešić
  • Darko Stojanović
  • Ljubiša Lilić
  • Marko Zadražnik
Keywords: combined training, effects, body composition, female, volleyball


The present study aimed to evaluate the effects of a short-term preseason combined training programme on the body composition of female volleyball players of the highest Bosnia and Herzegovina division league over 4 weeks of training. Twelve female volleyball players (18.33±3.47 years; 177.25±5.28 cm; 65.38±5.93 kg) completed 4 weeks of volleyball drills and skills combined with physical conditioning. Body composition was measured using aa analysis of bioelectrical-impedance. After the initial evaluation (Pre), the players were tested afterthe fourth week of the training cycle (Post). Total body water increased by 3.3% (p<0.001) and fat-free mass by 3.1% (p<0.001), also body weight by 2.5% (p<0.01) and the body mass index by 2.6% (p<0.01), whereas the fat percentage decreased by -1.7% (p>0.05). The results suggest that the evaluated volleyball players continued improving their body composition during the study. Finally, as a major application, these data provide normative standards of body composition in the preseason for female volleyball players.