Arm-span measurement as an alternative estimation of true height in Montenegrin young adults of both sexes: A national survey

  • Stevo Popović
Keywords: stature, nutritional-status, ethnic-groups, growth, length


The purpose of this investigation is to examine standing height and its association with arm span as an alternative to estimating true height in both sexes among Montenegrins. The study included a cohort of 2,088 individuals, 981 males and 1107 females from all Montenegrin municipalities. The anthropometric measurements were made following the ISAK protocol. Correlation coefficients at a ninety-five per cent confidence interval were carried out to measure the linear association between physical height and arm span. Then, a linear regression analysis was carried out to examine to which extent arm span can reliably predict true height. The results showed that Montenegrin males are 183.34±6.89 cm tall and have arm spans of 184.56±8.28 cm, while Montenegrin females are 169.36±6.37 cm tall and have arm spans of 168.04±7.52 cm. The results of this study confirmed our assumptions that both men and women in Montenegro are among the tallest people in the world. In addition, it is also confirmed that arm span represents a reliable predictor of true height in the Montenegrin population.