Man in the Ocean of Electromagnetic Energies

  • Igor Jerman BION, Institute for Bioelectromagnetics and new Biology, Ljubljana
Keywords: electromagnetic field, geomagnetism, nonionised radiation, human environment, coherent oscillations, electromagnetic pollution, safety standards, protection, epidemiological research, leukemia, cancer, hypersensitivity, mobile phones, healing with magnets, regeneration


Man is a product of a long evolution of life in the ocean of external EM energies and the geomagnetic field. Humans also possess natural sensitivity to some of EM fields (for example the presence of the storm) or to small geomagnetic anomalies, which may trigger a weak muscular response. According to certain studies this could be the basis of understanding dowsing. There are also people, who are allergic, hypersensitive, to some frequencies of EM fields and similarly to people who are allergic to pollen. It is still unclear, what is the meaning of increasing EM pollution today. Various epidemiological studies still did not propose a final conclusion. Healthy people with a strong homeostasis are probably only partially disturbed by EM fields and the effects do not appear. However, especially susceptible people and people, who are additionally exposed to stress, are more prone to be influenced by the environmental EM fields; i.e. they are thrown out of equilibrium, which can lead to number of maladies. By this, there is no linear connection between power density and frequency of EM field and an exposure to it. Beside harmful, there are also beneficial effects of EM fields, especially for some diseases. In future, we can expect more consideration of EM fields either for their harmful or for their beneficial influence. It is possible that in more remote future the fields will help us to regenerate extremities or organs.