Cut-off heights for induction into the Armed Forces of Pakistan: Adequacy of criteria for still-growing youth

  • Syed Arif Kamal University of Karachi
  • Ashfaq Ali Naz Pakistan Marine Academy
Keywords: estimated adult height, height and mass management, optimal mass, percentile


This paper analyses induction criteria of still growing youth (under-19 females; under-21 males) in the Armed Forces of Pakistan to determine whether the different sexes have the same chances of being selected. Standing heights of 1,666 students (1,163 females; 503 males) were measured, enrolled in the Pakistani schools (Armed Forces and civilian). Convenience sampling was employed to collect data. The percentage of females and males qualifying for the military service was determined by computing their estimated-adult heights. Cut-off heights for induction in the Pakistani Armed Forces are 157.48 cm for females and 162.56 cm for males, corresponding to CDC (scaled) percentiles of height 19.36 (25.86) for females and 2.72 (3.82) for males. The analysis showed that 68.44% of the females fulfilled the induction criteria, whereas 94.43% of the males qualified for service in the forces. CDC cut-off (scaled) percentile for induction of females is set higher than the corresponding percentile for males. Based on the cut off-height criterion, the percentage of females eligible for selection in the Armed Forces of Pakistan is significantly lower than the corresponding percentage for males. Therefore, there is a need to establish adequate criteria, which should qualify equal percentages of females and males for such careers.