Time, innovations, and values: A perspective from the social sciences and the humanities

  • Borut Telban Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts and Postgraduate School ZRC SAZU
Keywords: innovations, values, time, social sciences, humanities, positivism, interpretation


In the 21st century, innovations have become an unquestioned sine qua non of everyday life. Our living conditions change rapidly, often without predictability, security, or critical reflexion. These changes easily turn into a form of political and social control of innovation-induced ruptures, keeping people on constant alert and making them abandon recently acquired practices for new ones. It can be argued that they represent a form of psychological coercion. Moreover, the growing pace of life-as-innovation, together with misguided assumptions and conclusions about life itself in the diversity of its local variations, produces new forms of inequality and misery among many societies around the globe. In the present paper, I explore how time, innovation, and values relate to each other in both academic life and life in general. I argue for prioritising well-informed reflexive works in the social sciences and the humanities against the pressures of time and frequently unfounded innovations.