Book Reviews - 2010, Volume 16, Number 3

  • Editor


1) Cinema and Anthropology (Review article by Daniela Rachel Vávrová):
Gray, Gordon: Cinema: A Visual Anthropology
Grimshaw, Anna and Amanda Ravetz: Observational Cinema: Anthropology, Film, and the Exploration of Social Life

2) Latour, Bruno: The Making of Law. An Ethnography of the Conseil D’Etat

3) Korac, Maja: Remaking Home: Reconstructing Life, Place and Identity in Rome and Amsterdam

4) Theodossopoulos, Dimitrios and Elisabeth Kirtsoglou: United in Discontent: Local Responses to Cosmopolitanism and Globalization

5) Throop, Jason C.: Suffering and Sentiment: Exploring the Vicissitudes of Experience and Pain in Yap

6) Strang, Veronica: Gardening the World: Agency, Identity and the Ownership of Water

7) Haram, Liv and C. Bawa Yamba: Dealing with Uncertainty in Contemporary African Lives. With an epilogue by Susan Reynold Whyte