Nutritional deprivation among Indian tribals: A cause for concern

  • Subal Das Vidyasagar University
  • Kaushik Bose Vidyasagar University
Keywords: India, tribe, Body Mass Index, chronic energy deficiency


Tribes constitute approximately 10% of the total Indian population. They are found in most parts of the country and are generally economically deprived. Anthropometry is a very
useful and inexpensive method that can be utilised in determining the nutritional status of human beings. This paper deals with the utility of various anthropometric cut-off points in
the evaluation of nutritional status. It has been observed that various tribal populations have high to very high rates of chronic energy deficiency (CED) based on their body mass index (BMI) values. These populations are experiencing extreme nutritional stress, which may have severe health implications with respect to morbidity and mortality. Urgent proactive nutritional intervention and supplementation programmes are needed to reduce their rates of CED. Inclusive development is imperative in addressing this problem.