Vida Brodar (15 July 1925, Maribor–24 April 2014, Ljubljana)

  • Vesna Miletić Ljubljana
  • Tatjana Tomazo-Ravnik Kranj


Vida Brodar was born on July 15th, 1925 in Maribor into a middle class family as the eldest of four children of Andrej and Elizabeta Semenič. Her carefree childhood was cut short by World War II, when she was banned from further education for being a child from a notably patriotic Slovenian family. After the war, she graduated from high school and went to study in Ljubljana. She graduated from university in 1954 at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, having majored in biology in the interdisciplinary studies of anthropology. In recognition of her final thesis, she was bestowed the prestigious Prešeren award. She found employment at the Institute of Biology at the University of Ljubljana, where she spent her entire career working as a researcher. She earned her PhD in the field of physical anthropology in 1974.