Challenges of HIV and AIDS-related community home-based health care delivery system in Roma Valley, Lesotho

  • Mokete B. Nyaphisi Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of Lesotho
  • Emeka E. Obioha Walter Sisulu University
Keywords: health care, community support, HIV, AIDS, Lesotho, Southern Africa


Community home-based health care plays a major role in the care of patients who take medication at their homes, and other vulnerable categories of people. This study investigates the problems and prospects of community home-based health care in the Roma Valley Maseru, Lesotho. The population of the study consists of health professionals at St. Joseph Hospital who are members of the Roma Valley Community Home-Based Health Care Organisation, local chiefs, and a team of women who are caregivers in Roma Valley villages. Two methods were used to collect the data: key informant interviews and indepth interviews. The study revealed that the organisation is experiencing many problems, including lack of funds, shortage of working facilities, lack trained of personnel, and lack of incentives for volunteers. Among other possible attempts to substantiate and champion community home-based health care in Lesotho this study recommends a social policy that governs the system should be formulated. The government of Lesotho should allocate some budget for this kind of health care programmes. Furthermore, community-based food security projects supporting people living with HIV and AIDS and other home-care recipients could be of vital importance. Furthermore, full-time professionals participating in community home-based health care services should be employed.