A typology of cultural attitudes as a device describing political thought of the populations influenced by globalisation

  • Joanna Rak Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun
Keywords: cultural attitudes, globalisation, political thought, social movements, socio- cultural identities


The typology of cultural attitudes towards native and foreign cultures remains an unsolved problem in specialist literature. This paper contains four studies of individual types of cultural attitudes. Each contains a description, interpretation, and criticism of current theoretical propositions. Those whose fallacy is proven were replaced with new, authorial concepts. The typologies of cultural attitudes (nativistic, vitalistic, autonegative, and contra-acculturative) were laid out according to the criteria of aim and mean. Mixed types were also taken into consideration. They all make up a typology that is a useful device for describing the political thought of populations influenced by globalisation. Their empirical falsifiability is an interesting challenge for anthropologists and historians who study contemporary political thought.