The 2CELLOS phenomenon: Social and cultural aspects of their fandom

  • Tea Gutović
  • Relja Relja
  • Toni Popović
Keywords: fandom, social networks, 2CELLOS, interculturalism


By applying the ethnographic approach, the virtual community of 2CELLOS fans was studied. The research was conducted in 2015 and 2016 by observing Facebook and Twitter followings, by conducting an online survey among their members and ethnographic interviews with twenty fans and the two members of 2CELLOS. According to the results, social networks are a tool that changes the understanding of fans. One can belong to a fandom today without actually ever going to concerts; fans perceive such fandoms as very important sources of identity. The internet makes the music easily available and facilitates intense communication between musicians and their fans. The establishment of global social networks calls for an appreciation of diversity. Bringing various cultures closer together is reflected in the freer melding of musical genres in both their creation and adoration, and 2CELLOS are an indicative phenomenon with a global fandom.